Collin Key

Compassion is the core



My work is focused on people and their environment, including anthropological reportage.

2010 Photo chosen for the Istanbul International Photo Contest exhibition in Istanbul

2017 Commendation at Candid Portrait contest in association with the Digital Camera Magazine

2017 Commendation at In the Wild contest in association with PhotoPlus

2018 Finalist at Elderly contest

2019 Commendation at Off the beaten path contest in association with Topaz Labs

2020 Short-listed for the 500px quest “All you need is love”

2020 Short-listed for the 500px quest “Broken Reality”

Collin Key is the artist name of Claudius Nenninger.

The first profession i learned was journalism. Later i studied analytical and Indian philosophy at the University of Hamburg. I traded at the stock markets, rose children, worked with refugee boys.

As a young man i set out to travel around the world. Since then i feel that life is a wonderful voyage.

And it’s great to have my camera along.

A selection of my work can be purchased from Getty Images.

Most photos I publish on Flickr

My home base ist Hamburg, Germany.

If you are interested in any image or want to inquire about anything please use the CONTACT FORM